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The enjoyment of creating fabric from yarn, thread, or other material strands using a crochet hook.

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Hobbies; Crochet

It is an activity that people are doing more and more often. It comes from "window shopping" meaning that people go out just to look around malls and see articles (mainly clothes) but without the ...


Hobbies; Crochet

Controversia sobre una cosa entre dos o más personas. Contienda, lucha.


Hobbies; Crochet

Nota que se toma de las señales más distintivas del cuerpo de una persona, de un animal, o de otra cosa para reconocerla fácilmente.


Hobbies; Crochet

It is an assumption or conjecture that we make about what would happen with the phenomenon studied when we modified some of the conditions that affect it.


Hobbies; Crochet

Proposition that one person holds by means of reasoning; Opinion that is had about one person or thing.

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