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Chess Olympiad

Sports; Croquet

The Chess Olympiad is a chess tournament in which teams from all over the world play and compete against each other. The event is organized by FIDE (World Chess Federation). Chess is recognized as a ...

deadness board

Sports; Croquet

This is a board, a piece of equipment, which keeps track of deadness for an entire game.

rover ball

Sports; Croquet

This is a ball that has passed through all the hoops but it has not yet pegged out.

rover wicket

Sports; Croquet

This is the last wicket before the peg.

running a hoop

Sports; Croquet

When a ball has gone through a hoop in the correct direction.

delayed triple peel

Sports; Croquet

Temporarily ending a try at a triple peel, but the try will be continued later in the turn.

destroy shot

Sports; Croquet

This is a shot taken with the objective of sending the opposing players ball as far as is possible.

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