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Any member of the class of arthropods that includes lobsters, crabs, shrimps, wood lice, water fleas, and barnacles.

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Animals; Crustaceans

A major subdivision of an order, suborder or infraorder in the classification of animals, usually consisting of several genera.

holomerodont hinge

Animals; Crustaceans

A merodont hinge in which all elements are crenulate and negative on one valve, positive on the other.

lophodont hinge

Animals; Crustaceans

A merodont hinge in which all elements are smooth.

amphidont hinge

Animals; Crustaceans

A modified entomodont hinge in which the four elements are well differentiated (Families Hemicytheridae, Trachyleberididae).

sensoriform filament

Animals; Crustaceans

A modified setal element typically with thin walls and either blunt ending (vermiform), or ending in brush of fine setules (brush-like), found on the maxilla and sometimes maxillipeds of calanoids.

delayed development

Animals; Crustaceans

A moulting sequence producing one or more larval forms showing little or no morphological progress towards a more advanced stage.


Animals; Crustaceans

A movable stylet projecting posteriorly from the margin of the dorsal cephalic shield.

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