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Cyber espionage

The act of illegally obtaining another party's secrets and classified information without permission over the Internet for the purpose of economic, political or military advantage. Cyber espionage uses a variety of methods such as cracking techniques and malicious software to hijack computers or networks on the Internet in order to steal information.

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Cyber espionage

collateral effect

Law enforcement; Cyber espionage

Unintentional or incidental effects including, but not limited to, injury or damage to persons or objects that would not be lawful military targets under the circumstances ruling at the time. ...

computer network exploitation (CNE)

Law enforcement; Cyber espionage

Enabling operations and intelligence collection capabilities conducted through the use of computer networks to gather data about target or adversary automated information systems or networks. See ...


Law enforcement; Cyber espionage

That form of military science that, by the employment of devices and/or techniques, has as its objective the impairment of the operational effectiveness of undesirable or adversarial activity, or the ...

cyber attack

Law enforcement; Cyber espionage

A hostile act using computer or related networks or systems, and intended to disrupt and/or destroy an adversary's critical cyber systems, assets, or functions. The intended effects of cyber attack ...

cyber incident

Law enforcement; Cyber espionage

Level 2 or Level 1 Incident on the Cyber Risk Alert Level System. A cyber incident is likely to cause, or is causing, harm to critical functions and services across the public and private sectors by ...

cyber operational preparation of the environment (C-OPE)

Law enforcement; Cyber espionage

Non-intelligence enabling functions within cyberspace conducted to plan and prepare for potential follow-on military operations. C-OPE includes but is not limited to identifying data, system/network ...


Law enforcement; Cyber espionage

All organizational actions required to ensure freedom from danger and risk to the security of information in all its forms (electronic, physical), and the security of the systems and networks where ...

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