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DNA forensics

The application of the science of DNA to analyze evidence involved in criminal and civil litigation.

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DNA forensics

personal service

Legal services; DNA forensics

Delivering a summons, complaint, notice to quit tenancy or other legal document which must be served by handing it directly to the person named in the document. The delivery of legal notice to a ...


Legal services; DNA forensics

A chemical used in organic extraction. Polysaccharides and proteins are soluble in phenol, allowing for their separation from DNA. C6H5OH. See figure to the right.


Legal services; DNA forensics

The detectable outward manifestations of a specific genotype; the physical characteristics of a living object.


Legal services; DNA forensics

Coloration or discoloration by formation or deposition of pigment in the tissues. In a forensic hair examination, the description of the aggregation, distribution, and density of pigment granules.

pili annulati

Legal services; DNA forensics

Pili annulati is a hair disorder that results in ringed or banded hair, alternating bright and dark bands in the hair shaft. The dark bands are a manifestation of the abnormal air spaces in the ...

pili bifurcati

Legal services; DNA forensics

A genetic hair disorder characterized by two hairs joined at the shaft along their entire length.

pili torti

Legal services; DNA forensics

A genetic hair disorder characterized by the hair shaft being flattened and twisted 180 degrees numerous times along its axis. It is usually found at irregular intervals along the shaft.

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