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Database applications

Software that facilitates communication between a human user and a database.

Contributors in Database applications

Database applications


Software; Database applications

A person who is involved in the creation of content. For example editors, technical reviewers and subject matter experts are contributors.

content contributor

Software; Database applications

A role in the pre-defined workflow process shipped with WebSphere Portal content publishing. Users assigned to the role of content contributor can create and edit content.


Software; Database applications

A subscription to a user or record that lets you see related updates in your Chatter feed on the Home tab. Follow a user to see status updates. Follow a record to see posts, comments, and field ...


Software; Database applications

A professional who analyzes verbal or statistical data to prepare reports and studies for use by professional workers in variety of areas, such as science, social science, law, medicine, or politics. ...

spreadsheet solutions

Software; Database applications

Spreadsheet Solutions are templates that speed up common tasks, such as creating purchase orders and expense statements. Some come with Excel and others are available commercially.

subtotals mode

Software; Database applications

Subtotals mode is an easy way to summarize information in an Excel list. Subtotals mode automatically calculates subtotal and grand total values, inserts and labels the total rows, and outlines the ...


Software; Database applications

Adds the values in the function argument or the values in the cell references in the argument.

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