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Any outdoor floor attached to a building.

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shade structure

Construction; Decks

A structure built above decks, usually of posts and lattice, to provide a shaded area on the deck.

joist hanger

Construction; Decks

A pre-manufactured metal piece typically attached to a ledger or beam to support a joist. Joist hangers should be galvanized.

chalk line

Construction; Decks

An enclosed reel of string coated with colored chalk and used to mark straight lines by pulling the string taut and snapping the string, leaving a line of chalk marking a line. Commonly used in deck ...

plain-sawn boards

Construction; Decks

Boards sawn from a log so that the face of the board is at an angle less than 30 degrees to the growth rings in the log. Sometimes referred to as flat-sawn boards. See also Quartersawn Boards and ...


Construction; Decks

The allowable overhang past the joists or rim joists.

machine bolt

Construction; Decks

A bolt typically configured with a hex head and nut and a blunt end. Meant to hold two pieces (usually the support structure) by pinning them together, the threads hold only the nut and don't screw ...

cap rail

Construction; Decks

The top horizontal piece of a railing, usually placed to give it a finished appearance.

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