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Desktop PC

Any personal computing system that is small enough to be used at a desk.

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Desktop PC

absolute URL

Computer; Desktop PC

a URL that contains the full address, identifying the machine, directory, and file.


Computer; Desktop PC

An interface on computer that first opens to a user. Icons for operations on the device are displayed there.


Computer; Desktop PC

To terminate (an undertaking or procedure) before implementation or completion.

central processing unit

Computer; Desktop PC

Central Processing Unit is the core of a computer; necessary for computing performance.


Computer; Desktop PC

To input any information in a field, area, or other section in a computer.

drawing program

Computer; Desktop PC

A program for manipulating object-oriented graphics, as opposed to manipulating pixel images. In a drawing program, for example, the user can manipulate an element, such as a line or a circle, as an ...


Computer; Desktop PC

Updates, patches,and new drivers for a software product that are released one at a time, as they become available, rather than beingissued together in a new version of the product. A company using ...

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