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Mexican Spanish words, some adopted from indigenous languages.

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Language; Dialectology

The Ausbausprache – Abstandsprache – Dachsprache framework is a tool developed by sociolinguists for analysing and categorising the status of language varieties along the cline between autonomous ...


Language; Dialectology

The main purpose of dialectometry is to discover high levels of structure in geographical dialect networks. The research interest concentrates mainly on the regional distribution of dialect ...

dialect continuum

Language; Dialectology

A dialect continuum is a network of dialects in which geographically adjacent dialects are mutually comprehensible, but with comprehensibility steadily decreasing as distance between the dialects ...


Language; Dialectology

A pluricentric language is a single genetic language that has two or more standard forms. In a sense, the set of dialects can be understood as being part of a single diasystem, an abstraction that ...


Language; Dialectology

Diasystem is an analysis set up to encode or represent a range of related varieties. Diasystems focus on sounds between varieties, though morphological and syntactic diasystems are possible.


Language; Dialectology

Dialectology is the scientific study of linguistic dialect, a sub-field of sociolinguistics. It studies variations in language based primarily on geographic distribution and their associated ...


Language; Dialectology

A situation in which, in a given society, there are two closely related languages, one of high prestige, which is generally used by the government and in formal texts, and one of low prestige, which ...

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