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Of or relating to the penetration of the Earth's surface in order to extract petroleum oil.

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horizontal drilling

Oil & gas; Drilling

Horizontal drilling is the process of drilling a well from the surface to a depth just above the target oil or gas reservoir called the kickoff point, then curving the drilling bore from the vertical ...


Oil & gas; Drilling

The sixth-generation semi-submersible and China's first deep-sea drilling platform owned by China National Offshore Oil Corporation or CNOOC. The drilling rig went into formal operations on May 9 ...

drilling platform

Oil & gas; Drilling

An offshore platform used to drill exploration and development wells but lacking the processing facilities of a production platform.

orill bit

Oil & gas; Drilling

The part of the drilling tool which actually cuts through the rock.

drilling table

Oil & gas; Drilling

The table on the derrick floor whereby the drill pipe is rotated, also called the rotary table.


Oil & gas; Drilling

The up-and-down movement of a semisubmersible drilling platform or drill ship.


Oil & gas; Drilling

Acting with a backward and forward movement, as in reciprocating pumps.

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