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National Association of Rudimental Drummers (NARD)

Musical equipment; Drums

This was the rudimental body prior to Percussive Arts Society (PAS).

Percussive Arts Society (PAS)

Musical equipment; Drums

The governing body over all things drumming. They hold a popular annual convention once a year called PASIC (Percussive Arts Society International Convention).

press roll

Musical equipment; Drums

Another type of Buzz or Multiple Bounce Roll. The performance typically requires the performer to dig in a bit more, lightly pressing the drumsticks into the drumhead, causing a slight choked sound ...


Musical equipment; Drums

(African term) A djembe roll is when a djembe player fills space with many notes to create a rumbling effect.

boom whackers

Musical equipment; Drums

Long colorful tubes that produces various tones. Popular kid's percussion instrument common in musical education. Many elementary schools and junior high schools incorporate BoomWhackers into their ...


Musical equipment; Drums

A time signature synonymous with 2/2 time. This is one of two time signatures (the other being Common Time) that do not have to be written as numbers. When 4/4 or Common Time is cut in half the ...


Musical equipment; Drums

(African term) Directly translated a djembefola is "one who gives the djembe voice". A djembefola is a djembe player. Generally someone would be fairly competent with a djembe before they are refered ...

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