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Also called gypsum board or plasterboard. Refers to panels of plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper to make interior walls or ceilings.

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Construction; Architecture

water recipient like a well or a tank

bugle head screws

Construction; Drywall

A drywall screw head designed so that the head of the screw will set below the face of the board, will not tear the paper and gives the best integrity for fastening to studs.


Construction; Drywall

heat to a point that the water is released from the crystallized gypsum. When the room temperature is warm enough to dry the joint compound. Effect of dryness on compressive strength. Gypsum strength ...

butt joint

Construction; Drywall

is the joint comes from butting 2 ends of drywall together, the end of the board that does not have a tapered or beveled factory edge.

all purpose compound

Construction; Drywall

A pre mixed gypsum compound that is used for the finishing process of drywall installation. also called mud, Spackle, joint compound.


Construction; Drywall

automatic taping tool that brings the mud and tape together inside the tool then the tape is applied to joints and wiped with knife to remove excess mud from behind tape.


Construction; Drywall

A small section of tape that did not get mud behind it or the facing paper broke away from the board and was not cut away and in the end result will leave a blister on the wall.

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