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Egyptian history

Grand Canal

History; Egyptian history

The Grand Canal is the longest canal or artificial river in the world. The Grand Canal was one of the major accomplishments of the Sui Dynasty.

Ahmose Pen-Nekhebet

History; Egyptian history

An Egyptian official and military commander who started his career under Ahmose I and served all subsequent pharaohs until Thutmose III.

Ahmose called Si-Tayit

History; Egyptian history

Viceroy of Kush during the reign of Ahmose I. Possibly the first Viceroy to serve in that capacity. Early in the reign of Amenhotep I, the position passed from Si-Tayit to his son Ahmose called Turo.


History; Egyptian history

Was known before the 5th year of his reign as Amenhotep IV (or Amenophis IV). He abandoned traditional Egyptian polytheism and introducing worship centered on Aten. Also called Echnaton or Akhenaton.

Alara of Nubia

History; Egyptian history

The founder of the Napatan royal dynasty and was the first recorded prince of Nubia. He unified all of Upper Nubia from Meroë to the Third Cataract. His successors would comprise the 25th Dynasty of ...


History; Egyptian history

Kushite King of Meroe. The son of King Malewiebamani, and brother of Baskakeren. His predecessor Talakhamani was either an older brother or an uncle. His name is also written as Amanneteyerike, ...

Amasis II

History; Egyptian history

Based at Sais and the successor to Apries. Under Amasis II, Egypt's agricultural based economy reached its zenith. He was able to defeat an invasion of Egypt by the Babylonian king Nebuchadrezzar II. ...

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