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A science that deals with the relation of electricity to chemical changes and with the interconversion of chemical and electrical energy.

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Chemistry; Electrochemistry

The negative electrode in an electric cell, such as battery, that creates its own electricity.


Chemistry; Electrochemistry

A device that changes one form of energy into another. Common household batteries change the energy that exists in a paste like mixture of dry chemicals into electric current.


Chemistry; Electrochemistry

Property of all particles of matter that causes them to be attracted to or pushed away from other particles.

British thermal unit

Chemistry; Electrochemistry

A unit used to measure heat. Each Btu is equal to the amount of heat that is needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree.


Chemistry; Electrochemistry

An atom or group of atoms that has a positive electric charge and these are formed when an atom or group of atoms loses electrons.


Chemistry; Electrochemistry

British scientist who was one of the first people to study the relationship between electricity and chemical reactions.


Chemistry; Electrochemistry

To change the electric charge of an atom by adding or removing an electron is called as ionizing that atom.

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