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Electronic communication using one of the accepted protocols.

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Software; Email

A file which is sent with an email.

.sig file

Software; Email

An electronic 'signature' automatically added at the end of an email message, often containing the name, title, and contact details of the sender.

above the fold

Online services; Email

The part of an e-mail or Web page that is visible without scrolling. It is generally a more desirable placement because of its visibility.


Software; Email

Any company that provides a service. See email vendors.


Software; Email

A program that determines an email came from the sender listed in the return path or Internet headers; designed to stop email from forged senders.

video email

Software; Email

An email message that includes a video file, either inserted into the message body, accessible through a hotlink to a Web site or accompanying it in an attachment (least desirable because many ISPs ...


Software; Email

A program or computer code that affects or interferes with a computer's operating system and gets spread to other computers accidentally or on purpose through email messages, downloads, infected CDs ...

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