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Energy efficiency


Energy; Energy efficiency

The movement of heat, electricity, or sound through a solid. An electric current travels from a wall socket, through a wire, and into a lamp by conduction.

energy efficiency ratio (EER)

Energy; Energy efficiency

The ratio of cooling capacity of an air conditioning unit in Btus per hour to the total electrical input in watts under specified test conditions.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Energy; Energy efficiency

A federal agency charged with protecting the environment.

Energy Policy Act

Energy; Energy efficiency

The Energy Policy Act of 1992 addresses a wide variety of energy issues. The legislation creates a new class of power generators, exempt wholesale generators (EWGs), that are exempt from the ...

efficiency service company (ESCO)

Energy; Energy efficiency

A company that offers to reduce a client's electricity consumption with the cost savings being split with the client.

electric vehicle (EV)

Energy; Energy efficiency

A vehicle powered by electricity, usually provided by batteries but may also be provided by photovoltaic (solar) cells or a fuel cell.

Executive Order Number 6

Energy; Energy efficiency

A provision under the California Emergency Services Act permits the Governor to establish, by Executive Order Number 6, a state Petroleum Fuels Set-Aside Program after proclamation of an energy ...

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