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Energy trade

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Energy trade

Designated National Authority (DNA)

Energy; Energy trade

A competent national body set up in most Kyoto Protocol signatory countries to provide approval for CDM projects.

Kyoto Protocol

Energy; Energy trade

A treaty of 163 countries, created in 1997. It requires 35 industrialized countries to reduce emissions of six greenhouse gases by at least 5% overall from 1990 levels by 2008-2012. Kyoto entered ...

fertile material

Energy; Energy trade

Material which can be converted into fissile material by the capture of a neutron. Sometimes referred to as source or breeder material, examples include uranium-238 and thorium-232.


Energy; Energy trade

The difference between two indicators. For instance, a moving average oscillator would reflect the difference between two moving averages. The oscillator ranges around a single line.

pound (lb)

Energy; Energy trade

Unit of measurement for a number of metals and petrochemicals, eg cts/lb, lb/year.

cat cracker

Energy; Energy trade

A catalytic cracker.

options spread

Energy; Energy trade

An option trade in which two or more open positions are established in order to trade the differentials and offset risk. Option spreads may use different strike prices and/or expiry dates.

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