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The study of insects.

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active space

Biology; Entomology

The space within which the concentration of a pheromone or other behaviorally active substance is concentrated enough to generate the required response. This is similar to that of light and sound ...


Biology; Entomology

The part of the male genitalia which is inserted into the female during copulation and carries the sperm into the female. The shape of adeagus is often used in separating closely related species.

aster yellows

Biology; Entomology

A plant virus disease transmitted by the six spotted leaf hopper and characterized by stunting of plants, sterility, and chlorosis in foliage.


Biology; Entomology

In insects, a group of individuals of a given species which have hatched into young or have become adult at approximately the same time and which live together in a defined and limited area. For ...


Biology; Entomology

Also known as the thoracic squama which generally conceals the haltere, this is the innermost of the three flap-like outgrowths at the base of the wing in various flies.


Biology; Entomology

The injury caused on developing fruit by the feeding of insects such as plant bugs and stink bugs which results in uneven growth and a deformed mature fruit.


Biology; Entomology

A diagram showing the sequence in which groups of organisms have originated and diverged in the course of evolution based on specific interpretations.

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