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Terms of or pertaining to the sport of horseback riding.

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Sports; Equestrian

In Dressage, when the horse is moving in a circle and keeps leaning toward its leading leg.


Sports; Equestrian

This is a movement where the horse has its front legs off the ground and then jumps forward with its hind legs.


Sports; Equestrian

In show jumping most courses are between approx. 765 to 1090 yards (700 to 1000 meters) and they have 12 ñ 15 jumps with at least 3 combination jumps. The maximum a course can be, in meters, is the ...

course steward

Sports; Equestrian

In show jumping he is in charge of the layout of the course and the obstacles on it. He makes sure that if planks are knocked off obstacles they are replaced and he is in charge of, bring into and ...

cross country

Sports; Equestrian

In a three-day event, competitors compete in dressage, show jumping and endurance. The cross country is part of the endurance event and the horse and rider must complete a course of obstacles outside ...


Sports; Equestrian

A part of the bridle.


Sports; Equestrian

These are the devices, which hold the rails or poles in position on an obstacle.

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