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Exotic fruit

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Exotic fruit


Fruits & vegetables; Exotic fruit

A red, plum-sized tropical fruit with soft spines and a slightly acidic taste.


Fruits & vegetables; Exotic fruit

1. A deciduous shrub or small tree (Punica granatum) native to Asia and widely cultivated for its edible fruit. 2. The fruit of this tree, having a tough reddish rind, and containing many seeds, each ...

wax apple

Fruits & vegetables; Exotic fruit

A plant species in the Myrtaceae, native to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, The fruit is a bell-shaped edible berry, with colors ranging from white, pale green, green, red, purple, crimson, ...


Fruits & vegetables; Exotic fruit

A golden-yellow juicy fruit with a star-shaped cross section.


Fruits & vegetables; Exotic fruit

A perennial plant whose fruit has some slightly sweet resinous and floral flavor.

giant Granadilla

Fruits & vegetables; Exotic fruit

The Giant Granadilla, (Passiflora quadrangularis), is the largest of the passion-fruits, plants of the genus Passiflora. It is a perennial native of Tropical America. The pleasantly aromatic, ...

mountain Papaya

Fruits & vegetables; Exotic fruit

The mountain Papaya or mountain paw paw (Carica pubescens) is a native of America. The fruit has five broad longitudinal ribs, it is green turning yellow to orange when ripe. The fruit pulp is ...

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