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Of or relating to a flexible woven material that consists of intertwined string, thread, or yarn.

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Textiles; Fabric

A man made synthetic fiber, typically referred to as rayon. Viscose has a silken, smooth feel and a terrific drape, and is often used for linings and bridal garments.


Textiles; Fabric

Usually made with cylindrical combed yarns, this plain, loosely woven fabric has an extremely clear surface because the excess fuzzy yarns are singed away. It is thin, semi-transparent, and very ...


Textiles; Fabric

The vertical threads in a particular fabric or on a loom.

interfacing & interlining

Textiles; Fabric

The fabric used between the inner and outer layers of a garment to enhance warmth, strength or shape. Interfacing fabrics come in fusible (pre-treated with glue and attached to the fabric with an ...


Textiles; Fabric

Pronouced "lamay", lame is a shiny evening wear fabric made from metallic yarns.

panné velvet

Textiles; Fabric

A highly lustrous, lightweight fabric, in which the pile is higher than velvet, but shorter than plush, and has been flattened. Has good stretch across the grain.


Textiles; Fabric

A medium-weight, tightly woven cotton or cotton blend fabric generally recognizable by its waffle weave texture.

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