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Family law

Law that deals with family-related issues such as spousal abuse, legitimacy, adoption, surrogacy, child abuse, and child abduction.

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Family law

standing order

Legal services; Family law

In family law cases, there is usually a local court order that sets out the rules of the case. Different courts have different names for it. Usually it is called the standing order, although it may ...


Legal services; Family law

If the defendant does not answer the plaintiff's complaint, the plaintiff can finish the case without the defendant's participation by requesting the court to enter a default. Because the defendant ...

defined benefit plan

Legal services; Family law

This type of retirement plan is generally considered a “traditional” pension plan. It provides specific benefits (usually a specific dollar amount per month) to a participant at the individual’s ...


Legal services; Family law

Issued by the courts to declare that a marriage was never valid.

under oath

Legal services; Family law

All people must swear or affirm to tell the truth if they want their statement or testimony to considered as evidence. All written statements must be submitted as affidavits to be considered by the ...

sexual assault

Legal services; Family law

These are crimes that qualify for a Sexual Assault Protective Order. You may be able to get a protective order if someone commits a crime involving a sexual act against you without your consent, or ...


Legal services; Family law

The participant is the spouse who has the retirement plan. The participant’s retirement plan is being divided with a QDRO. The spouse that is to receive benefits under the QDRO is the Alternate ...

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