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Relating to building or construction according to an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics whose aim is to improve human life through the accurate channeling of the positive force called qi.

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Feng Shui

Construction; Fengshui

The study of landform, orientation, location & time in order to improve the design and construction of a building for optimal living and enjoyment. Classical Feng Shui is a tool for environment ...

five elements

Construction; Fengshui

A theory is rooted in the interaction and balance between the five elements, which in China are wood, fire, metal, water and earth. Each of these elements governs specific aspects of life.


Construction; Fengshui

A term frequently used in Feng Shui masters to describe favorable, desirable, or beneficial.


Construction; Fengshui

Ba means eight and gua means areas. Used in Compass School, this is an octagon or circle divided into 8 trigrams featuring all areas of life. Each area relates to a cardinal sector, a Chinese Trigram ...

compass school

Construction; Fengshui

An analytical school of Feng Shui based on orientation and time.

The Eight Mansions School

Construction; Fengshui

Refers to the eight different directions of the original Ba Gua. In the Eight Mansion Schools, all homes or offices are divided into their respective eight directions. However, in this school, ...

The Flying Stars School

Construction; Fengshui

This is a school of Feng Shui that incorporates important aspects of the directional influences and factors in the effects of time.

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