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The manufacturing of fiberglass or glass which has been extruded into extremely fine filaments frequently used in today high speed communications network.

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Manufacturing; Fiberglass

A pale green; pale green glazed pottery.


Manufacturing; Fiberglass

A change in shape form that which is intended. It is symptomatic of laminating difficulties, curing problems, tooling problems or resin shrinkage.


Manufacturing; Fiberglass

The description of equal strength properties in all orientation. Isoptropic composites are usually achieved by random fiber orientation.

self-tapping screws

Manufacturing; Fiberglass

Hardened screws which cut their own thread as they are set.


Manufacturing; Fiberglass

The completion of the cross-linking process during which a composite develops its full strength.


Manufacturing; Fiberglass

The tool used to fabricate the desired part shape. Also used to describe the process of making a part in a mold.

flame retardant resin

Manufacturing; Fiberglass

A polyester resin which has been specifically formulated to reduce the flame spread and/or smoke generation characteristics.

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