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Fibers & stitching


Textiles; Fibers & stitching

A type of counted-thread embroidery in which pictures are formed using x-shaped stitches in a tiled, raster-like pattern.


Textiles; Fibers & stitching

A pattern consisting of crossed horizontal and vertical bands in two or more colors in woven cloth. It is often seen on Scottish kilts.


Textiles; Fibers & stitching

A kind of canvas with several strands between each hole, often three. It is usually made of cotton and it comes in widths of 18" to 54". This is sewn in every hole (one over one) with usually 14 to ...

running stitch

Textiles; Fibers & stitching

Used to divide large cross stitch pieces up into easy to manage sections. They are large stitches that can be snipped and taken out as you finish a particular area. By running stitches vertically and ...

back stitch

Textiles; Fibers & stitching

Used to form a line of thread of a different color to the cross stitches that is used for outlining and highlighting. The stitch goes: up one hole; back one hole on top; down; forward two holes ...


Textiles; Fibers & stitching

A bead is used instead of a floss stitch to bring out light and other decorative effects (glitter and pizzazz). They are used on such things as costumes, and as stars, wands, jewelry, tiaras.  There ...


Textiles; Fibers & stitching

This is thicker than a strand of floss so that it will stand out on top of your cross stitch as if embossed. It can be cord, string, cotton, silk, or even gold or silver. Today many have flecks of ...

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