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Fire fighting

The organized efforts employing methodology, personnel, and apparatus to extinguish or to confine fire.

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Fire fighting


Fire safety; Fire fighting

Command to lay out (and connect) fire hose and nozzle.

ready team

Fire safety; Fire fighting

A company of firefighters waiting to relieve another company.

static pressure

Fire safety; Fire fighting

The pressure in a water system when the water is not flowing.


Fire safety; Fire fighting

People who respond to fire alarms and other emergencies for fire suppression, rescue, and related duties.

incipient stage fire

Fire safety; Fire fighting

A small fire that may be extinguished using portable fire extinguishers or other means typically at hand.

forward lay

Fire safety; Fire fighting

Procedure of stringing water supply hose from a water source toward a fire scene; compare with Reverse lay.

discharge flow

Fire safety; Fire fighting

The amount of water flowing from a fire hydrant when it is opened; compare to static flow and residual flow.

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