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Of or pertaining to the laying or building of floors.

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Construction; Architecture

water recipient like a well or a tank


Construction; Flooring

A bed of loose sand that is mixed with water. This mixture forms a soft, shifting mass that swallows objects resting on its surface.

mitered corners

Construction; Flooring

Usually, a 45 degree angle cut in the laminate to create custom borders and insets. These cuts require that a new groove be cut and a spline inserted prior to final installation.

mixed media

Construction; Flooring

A wood floor that is predominately of wood, but also incorporates other materials, such as slate, stone, ceramic, marble or metal.

mineral spirits

Construction; Flooring

A solvent product used as a thinner and/or cleaner.

mineral streak

Construction; Flooring

a.) A general term used to describe discoloring in hardwoods. The discoloring ranges from greenish brown to black and has a high mineral content; also called mineral stain. b.) Wood containing an ...


Construction; Flooring

Having the appearance of milk or showing some whiteness, as when water is mixed with varnish or when a dried transparent film starts to turn white from moisture.

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