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Of or realting to the reproductive part of a flowering plant. The flower facilitates the unification of sperm and eggs. Also, flowers are used by humans as decoration, romance, ritual, religion, medicine, and food source.

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Plants; Flowers

A sweet liquid that is made by flowers. Insects and birds use nectar as food, and bees use nectar to make honey.


Plants; Flowers

The part of a flowering plant that contains the seeds and splits open to release them. Peas have pods.

bleeding heart

Plants; Flowers

This native eastern Asia and North America plant produces spectacular white, pink or red heart-shaped blooms on long, arching stems. The flower enjoys slightly acidic, moist soil in partial ...

bachelor button

Plants; Flowers

Also called cornflower, this plant is more frost-hardy than most annuals, and produce small, multi-petaled flowers. Sow seeds in the garden in early spring in a sunny location. Bachelor button is in ...

blue water lily

Plants; Flowers

Named as the native flower of Sri Lanka fairly recently, the blue water lily, or nil manel, flowers between 7am and 5pm. Most likely originating from Egypt, the flower is now common in Thailand and ...


Plants; Flowers

So named because the flower resembles that of a cock's head, cockscomb is a herbacious plant of tropical origin. Growing well in both humid and arid conditions, and their flowers can last for up to ...

cape jasmine

Plants; Flowers

Fragrant, evergreen tropical plant, which is popular in gardens from China to England. Originating in Asia, it has shiny green leaves and white summer flowers.

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