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Food additives

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Food additives

food additives

Food (other); Food additives

Substances intentionally added to food to maintain or improve nutritional quality.

saturated fat

Food (other); Food additives

A fat that is found in some oils and in meat and other foods that are made from animal products, such as butter and cheese.


Food (other); Food additives

A white or clear mineral found naturally in all animal fluids, in seawater, and in the underground deposits.

functional food

Food (other); Food additives

Food that has a special effect on your health or well-being.

safflower oil

Food (other); Food additives

This flavorless, colorless oil is expressed from the seeds of the safflower, also called saffron thistle or bastard saffron. It contains more polyunsaturates than any other oil, has a high smoke ...

sesame oil

Food (other); Food additives

The oil obtained from sesame seeds. It consists principally of oleic and linoleic fatty acids. It has resistance to oxidation.t is used in vegetable shortenings, salad oil, and cooking oil, and is ...


Food (other); Food additives

a thick soup or stew of vegetables, potatoes, and usually meat

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