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Football, also called American Football, is a team sport consisting of two teams each of which can have 11 players on the field at any given time.

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Sports; Football

An area on the offensive side of the line of scrimmage, where the offensive linemen attempt to prevent the defensive players from reaching the quarterback during passing plays

forward pass

Sports; Football

A pass that touches a person, object, or the ground closer to the opponent's end line than where it was released from, or is accidentally lost during a forward throwing motion.


Sports; Football

A defensive back who lines up near the line of scrimmage across from a wide receiver. Their primary job is to disrupt passing routes and to defend against short and medium passes.

Hail Mary

Sports; Football

A long pass play, thrown towards a group or receivers near the end zone in hope of a touchdown. Used by a team that is behind as time is running out. Refers to the Catholic prayer.

wing back

Sports; Football

A player position in some offensive formations. Lines up just outside the tight end and one yard off the line of scrimmage. May be a receiver but is more typically used as a blocking back.


Sports; Football

A type of option offense using 2 backs in the backfield, one behind each guard or tackle (referred to as split backs), allowing a triple option play (give to either back or quarterback keep).

man-to-man coverage

Sports; Football

A defense in which all players in pass coverage, typically linebackers and defensive backs, cover a specific player. Pure man coverage is very rare; defenses typically mix man and zone coverage.

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