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A forest is an area with a high density of trees. Definitions vary based on the composition of wildlife within the area concerned.

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Natural environment; Forests

An ecological area dominated by trees and woody plants.

forested wetland

Natural environment; Forests

Areas where the ground is periodically saturated or covered by water, and there is woody vegetation cover over 20ft.


Natural environment; Forests

Indonesia is also a well known plywood exporter, which is about 80% of world market.

Mangrove Forest

Natural environment; Forests

Indonesia has the largest mangrove forest. Mangroves are very useful to preventing sea erosion or abrasion.

Scotch thistle

Environment; Biodiversity

Scotch thistle is a biennial plant with thorny leaves, growing mostly in the spacious meadows on the Bistra mountain. Scotch thistle tea is a true cleanser of the body, especially helpful with ...

Manusela National Park

Natural environment; Forests

Manusela National Park, covering an area of 189,000 hectares or 20% of Seram Island, is said to be the most beautiful national park in Indonesia. Consisting of magnificent rainforests, mountains, ...

Aokigahara Forest

Natural environment; Forests

Aokigahara Forest also known as "Suicide Forest" is located at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan. It's a popular place for suicides, definitely the most popular suicide location in Japan and ...

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