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Construction by putting together the structural parts of a building.

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Construction; Framing

A hand operated ratchet winch. Used for pulling joints together, as a safety tie when raising a bent, and for pulling the frame together during the raising.


Construction; Framing

The visible flat front board that caps the rafter tail ends.


Construction; Framing

A 2x4 or 2x6 vertical framing member used to construct walls and partitions.

gambrel roof

Construction; Framing

A double pitched roof with the lower slope steeper than the upper slope.

dutchman (also, inlay)

Construction; Framing

A timber 'patch' to cover defect, previous joinery, or other blemish or error. Color and grain matching make them hard to find.


Construction; Framing

A larger beam of wood or steel used to support Joists at points along its span.


Construction; Framing

Rake cross-bracing between the fly rafters and end gable rafters that the soffit nails to.

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