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Fishing; Freshwater

Shark finning is the illegal practice of removing shark fins (as they are really valuable goods) while they are alive and then throwing sharks to the ocean again as the rest of the animal don’t have ...


Fishing; Freshwater

The process of loss of fish scales which can happen due to a variety of reasons including mishandling.

fly rod

Sports; Freshwater

a light springy rod used in fly fishing.


Sports; Freshwater

literally, a vertebrate (animal with a backbone) that has gills and lives in water, but generally used more broadly to include any harvestable animal living in water. Fishes refers to more than one ...

finesse fishing

Sports; Freshwater

an angling technique characterized by the use of light tackle - line, rods, reel and artificial baits (often tube worms, grubs, or other small-sized soft-plastic lures); often productive in clear, ...


Sports; Freshwater

a term used to separate true fish from shellfish, crayfish, jellyfish, etc.


Sports; Freshwater

a young fish of about 10 cm length.

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