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Frozen desserts

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Frozen desserts

frozen desserts

Frozen prepared foods; Frozen desserts

Frozen dessert is the generic name for desserts made by freezing liquids, semi-solids, and sometimes even solids. They may be based on flavored water (shave ice, sorbet, snow cones, etc.), on fruit ...

Brownie with nuts

Frozen prepared foods; Frozen desserts

Preparation: 10 minutes Cooking: 20 minutes For 4 people: 200 g of chocolate 180 g soft butter Sugar 150 g 3 eggs 60 g flour 100 g chopped walnuts 30g flaked ...

Marquesa de chocolate

Frozen prepared foods; Frozen desserts

Chocolate Marquise (English name) This dessert arrived in the first decade of the twentieth century in Venezuela. It is composed of a cake or biscuit layers alternate with cream biscuits, which ...

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