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Garden; Gardening

A spade is a tool designed primarily for the purpose of digging or removing earth. The garden spade typically has a long handle, is wide, and has rests for the feet to drive the spade into the ...


Garden; Gardening

A rake is a broom for outside; an horticultural implement consisting of a metal or plastic toothed bar fixed transversely to a handle. It is used to collect leaves, hay, grass, etc., and for ...


Garden; Gardening

Secateurs are a type of scissors for use with plants. They are strong enough to prune hard branches of trees and shrubs, sometimes up to two centimetres thick. They are used in gardening, ...


Garden; Gardening

A person who tends, cultivates, or lays out a garden; a person employed to tend and cultivate a garden.


Garden; Gardening

Chenar: is the oriental plane tree (Platanus orientalis)


Garden; Gardening

A combined growing condition of algae and fungus. It looks crusty, and comes in many colors: gray, green, bluish, or browns.


Garden; Gardening

A shoot which arises from an underground shoot or root of a plant.

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