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Fashion; General jewelry

The bending of light as it enters a medium and slows down.

refractive index

Fashion; General jewelry

A process using a refractometer to measure the speed and angle of light entering a gemstone. Very important for gem identification.


Fashion; General jewelry

In gemology, this refers to the raw, natural state in which gems are found, before they are cut.


Fashion; General jewelry

Needle-like inclusions (or foreign matter) within stones. These can produce some gem phenomena as an asterism (star) or cat's eye (chatoyancy.)


Fashion; General jewelry

Used to refer to the red variety of tourmaline, including the color range from pink to red. More of a marketing than a gemological term; these days gemologists tend to use simply "red tourmaline."


Fashion; General jewelry

Saturation is one of three characteristics used to describe the appearance of color. Saturation (also known as intensity) refers to the brightness or vividness of a color. See also hue and tone.

semi-precious (gemstone)

Fashion; General jewelry

Traditionally, the four precious gemstones are diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald. Semi-precious gemstones include everything else. But other gems have also been labelled precious at times, ...

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