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General aviation

The science and practice of artificial flight which involves the design, development, production, operation of aircraft or heavier-than-air machines.

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General aviation

bearing surface

Aviation; General aviation

One of the surfaces of a flying-machine which bears, rests, or acts upon the air; a supporting surface; a sustaining surface; a wing surface; a spread of wing or sail.


Aviation; General aviation

A moderately brisk wind; a movement of the air not so strong as a gale or as a stiff breeze. The following are several different types of breeze: : ''fresh breeze,'' a breeze (numbered 5 in ...


Aviation; General aviation

An instrument for measuring the velocity, pressure, or other properties of the wind; a wind-gage; a wind-meter. The following are different types of anemometer: : ''Biram's anemometer'', a form of ...

aerial image

Aviation; General aviation

An image appearing suspended in the air, caused by the convergence of rays of light reflected or refracted from objects through strata of air of different densities; a mirage.


Aviation; General aviation

The science of measuring the weight or density of air and other gases, and of determining the laws of their pressure, elasticity, rarefaction, and condensation; pneumatics.


Aviation; General aviation

Incline or slant an aeroplane flying-machine laterally (with the inner side downward) in turning or going round a curve, so as to take advantage of the resistance of the bank or mass of air upon ...

Donny Darko death

Aviation; General aviation

A term applied to an accidental death in which an aircraft (especially a single-engine airplane) crash-lands into a building (usually a private home), causing multiple deaths or serious injuries in ...

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