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General chemistry


Chemistry; Acrylic paint

The amount obtained from a process or reaction, relative to the theoretical maximum amount obtainable.


Chemistry; General chemistry

The use of drugs to cause the body or a part of the body to lose feeling before an operation.Word anesthesia means " a state of not feeling".

chemical compound

Chemistry; General chemistry

Substance made of atoms of two or more chemical elements that are combined in molecules is called as chemical compound.

chemical reaction

Chemistry; General chemistry

Change in the arrangement of atoms of two or more substances that come into contact with each other.

chemical symbol

Chemistry; General chemistry

A capital letter, followed by a lower case letter, that stands for the name of the element. Chemical symbol for carbon is C.

capillary action

Chemistry; General chemistry

The movement of a liquid along the surfaces of a solid and it happens because the molecules of liquid are attached to the solid surface.


Chemistry; General chemistry

A ball of air or other gas , often with a thin film around it. Bubbles form in boiling water and in soaps or liquids that are shaken.

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