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Terms and definitions related to fashions in general.

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General fashion


Fashion; General fashion

Well, the style you introduced has to be accepted by mass people. So, a style can't be transformed into fashion until and unless it got acceptance.


Fashion; General fashion

The last component you need to call something fashion. There must be a change in the style you introduced and got acceptance. No change no fashion. New ideas, looks have to be accommodated to make a ...


Fashion; General fashion

When the fashion rise to the heights of its popularity culmination stage starts. At this stage the demands, productions and distributions of the fashion rise to their heights for a long period ...


Fashion; General fashion

When a fashion starts boring people Decline stage starts. At this stage consumers still buy but not willing to pay regular price. Thus it ceases production gradually.


Fashion; General fashion

The end of a fashion. At this stage because of strong distaste the fashion can no longer be made or sold at any price.


Fashion; General fashion

A fashion begins journey in the form a of a new style, initially with fewer numbers at higher prices. At Introductory stage makers / vendors restrict this with limited edition. The new fashion then ...


Fashion; General fashion

After Introduction if the fashion attracts the mass then its on the rise. At Rise makers / vendors too induced to mass production for better rise of their own business.

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