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General language

preferred reading

Language; General language

This is a term which Stuart Hall originally used in relation to television news and current affairs programmes but which is often applied to other kinds of text. Readers of a text are guided ...

primacy of the signifier

Language; General language

The argument that 'reality' or 'the world' is at least partly created by the language (and other media) we use insists on the primacy of the signifier - suggesting that the signified is shaped by ...


Language; General language

Priorist or foundationalist theories grant ontological priority to certain 'foundational' entities which are regarded as 'givens' or first principles. Various theorists assign causal priority to ...

readers and writers

Language; General language

Whilst these terms appear to be graphocentric and logocentric, they are often used in semiotics to refer broadly to 'texts' and their users, regardless of medium. Writers and readers are sometimes ...


Language; General language

For Lacan, 'the Real' is a primal realm where there is no absence, loss or lack. Here, the infant has no centre of identity and experiences no clear boundaries between itself and the external world.


Language; General language

The usage of this term varies mainly in relation to the various aesthetic movements, theoretical frameworks and media with which it is associated - so there are many different 'realisms', though a ...


Language; General language

A philosophical (specifically epistemological) stance on 'what is real?' For those drawn towards philosophical realism, an objective and knowable reality exists indisputably 'outside' us and ...

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