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General law

Common terminology used in legal business.

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General law


Law; General law

The party that initiates the law suit; the party making the initial claims or allegations, is termed as plaintiff.

personal service

Law; General law

Service of legal papers upon an individual as opposed to a corporation, business, or registered agent is called as personal service.

physical evidence

Legal services; General law

Evidence that can be touched; also called tangible or demonstrative evidence and commonly as a physical evidence.

legal periodical

Legal services; General law

Law reviews, loose-leafs, and journals by law schools, bar associations, and private publishers issued at regular intervals are called legal periodicals.


Law; General law

Lacking the legal capacity to testify or perform at a certain level or standard is called as incompetent.

legal advice

Legal services; General law

Applying law to a specific client's facts and relaying that information to the client and only a lawyer may provide legal advice.


Law; General law

One who voluntarily becomes part of a lawsuit which is already in progress is called as intervenor.

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