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Sense and Sensibility

Literature; General literature

Sense and Sensibility was written by British author Jane Austen, first published in 1811. It was set in southwest England in 1792 to 1797, following the lives and loves of the Dashwood sisters, ...

aquatic humanoid

Literature; General literature

Popularly known as the mermaid, the aquatic humanoid is a fabled half-human and half-fish creature that has been widely depicted in literary works from around the world. The marine creature has the ...

Gone With the Wind

Literature; General literature

Gone with the Wind, first published in 1936, is a romance novel written by Margaret Mitchell, who received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for the book in 1937. The story is set in Clayton County, ...

Deutsches Wörterbuch

Literature; General literature

The Deutsches Wörterbuch (English: The German Dictionary), abbreviated DWB, is the largest and most comprehensive dictionary of the German language in existence.


Literature; General literature

Greek epic poem, attributed to Homer (c.700 BC), that tells the story of the hero Odysseus' return from the Trojan War. His adventures include encounters with gods, monsters (the Cyclops) and the ...

The Casual Vacancy

Literature; General literature

The Casual Vacancy is the title of the highly anticipated novel by J.K. Rowling following the success of her Harry Potter series. It was revealed by publishing house Little, Brown & Co in February ...

St Cuthbert gospel

Literature; General literature

The St Cuthbert gospel is Europe's oldest intact book and dates back to circa 698. The book was recently purchased by the British Library in the United Kingdom for £9 million ($14.3m, €10.9m) after ...

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