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General mining related terms and definitions in minerals and related activities.

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General mining

asteroid mining

Mining; General mining

The future industry of sending spacecraft to asteroids in order to harvest their natural resources and bring them back to civilization for use. On April 24th 2012, the first real steps towards ...


Mining; General mining

A mineral that forms inside the earth as marble and granite are rocks; a huge amount of stone that forms a cliff or mountain is called as rock.


Mining; General mining

A greenish mineral that usually lets light shine through it and is found mostly in igneous and metamorphic rocks.


Mining; General mining

A very hard mineral made mainly of aluminum and oxygen. Rubies and sapphires are types of corundum.


Mining; General mining

A mineral that makes up more than 60 percent of the Earth's crust. The pink and white flecks in granite consist of feldspar.


Mining; General mining

A hollow, rounded rock that is lined on the inside with crystals is called geode.


Mining; General mining

A measure of how easily a mineral can be scratched. Hardness is measured in Mohs scale.

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