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General physics

Terms realting to physics that are not fit for other subcategories.

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General physics


Physics; General physics

Device to measure the accelerate, used for the plane or the rocket.


Physics; General physics

English unit of area measurement, equal 4840 square yards, equal 4046.86 square meter.

spherical aberration

Physics; General physics

The mirror or lens, causing image distortion in shape.

two-state quantum system

Physics; General physics

Second sound is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which heat transfer occurs by wave-like motion, rather than by the more usual mechanism of diffusion.


Physics; General physics

A narrow beam of light, heat, or some other form of radiant energy: The sun's rays are hottest in the middle of the day.

Hidden variable theory

Physics; General physics

Historically, in physics, hidden variable theories were espoused by some physicists who argued that quantum mechanics is incomplete.

Vector operator

Physics; General physics

The vector operator is that operator that turns the spin / vector in different directions.

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