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General telecom

Terms relating to telecommunication or communication through technological means.

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General telecom


Telecommunications; General telecom

The science and business of sending messages as electric impulses, pulses of light, or electromagnetic waves.


Telecommunications; General telecom

A system that sends and receives pictures of objects and actions and the sounds that go with them.

content label

Telecommunications; General telecom

A rating provided by a rating service that defines or categorizes the contents of a Web site.

direct ray

Telecommunications; General telecom

A ray of electromagnetic radiation that follows the path of least possible propagation time between transmitting and receiving antennas. Note: The path of least propagation time is not always the ...

refracted ray

Telecommunications; General telecom

A ray that undergoes a change of velocity, or in the general case, both velocity and direction, as a result of interaction with the material medium in which it travels. 2. In an optical fiber, a ray ...

random access memory (RAM)

Telecommunications; General telecom

A read/write, nonsequential-access memory used for the storage of instructions and data. Note 1: RAM access time is essentially the same for all storage locations. Note 2: RAM is characterized by a ...

image file video index

Telecommunications; General telecom

A recommended practice intended to provide a method of coding video index information in which various picture- and program-related source data can be carried in conjunction with the video signal. ...

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