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General weather

Of or pertaining to weather

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General weather


Weather; General weather

A dense fog containing ice particles, pogonip is one of five types of fog. It is also identified as ice fog.

anti cyclone

Weather; General weather

A large system of winds that rotate around a region of high atmospheric pressure. Wind in an anticyclone spiral out away from the center of the system.

weather map

Weather; General weather

A map that shows the weather conditions for a particular area. It shows whether there is any clouds or precipitation.


Weather; General weather

The climate of a large geographic area. The United States has several different macro climates.

low tide

Weather; General weather

The time when the tide reaches its lowest level on the shore. Low tide happens twice each day.


Weather; General weather

The climate of a small, specific place within a larger area. An area as small as a hill or a city park can have several different micro climates.

relative humidity

Weather; General weather

The amount of water vapor in the air at a given temperature compared to the maximum amount that the air can hold at that temperature.

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