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Genetic engineering

The science of modifying and manipulating genes to create new artificial DNA or synthetic genes of different organisms. There are many purposes for genetic engineering, some of which include finding better treatment for diseases, or simply for discovering new organism of interest.

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Genetic engineering


Biotechnology; Genetic engineering

A protective sheath surrounding the radicle of monocotyledenous plants.


Biotechnology; Genetic engineering

An immunological protein (called an immunoglobulin, Ig) produced by certain white blood cells (lymphocytes) of the immune system of an organism in response to a contact with a foreign substance ...


Biotechnology; Genetic engineering

Receptive portion of the style, to which pollen adheres.


Biotechnology; Genetic engineering

1. A single DNA molecule, a tightly coiled strand of DNA, condensed into a compact structure in vivo by complexing with accessory histones or histone-like proteins. 2. A group of nuclear bodies ...


Biotechnology; Genetic engineering

An organism deriving its food from the living body of another organism.

flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD)

Biotechnology; Genetic engineering

A co-enzyme important in various biochemical reactions. It comprises a phosphorylated vitamin B 2 (riboflavin) molecule linked to the nucleotide adenine monophosphate (AMP). It functions as a ...


Biotechnology; Genetic engineering

A mutant cell or micro-organism lacking the capacity to form an enzyme or metabolite present in the parental strain, and that consequently will not grow on a minimal medium, but requires the addition ...

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