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Biology; Genetics

Something in the appearance, activity, or behaviour of a living thing that is determined by the genes; a trait.


Biology; Genetics

British scientist who, with James Watson, explained the structure of DNA in 1953. He later discovered how DNA functions in the cell.


Biology; Genetics

Belonging to the sex that can produce eggs or give birth to young. Being a plant, flower, or flower part that can produce seeds.


Biology; Genetics

ENCODE is an acronym for Encyclopedia of DNA Elements. The ENCODE is a public research consortium launched by the US National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). If was founded in 2003. The ...


Biology; Genetics

Not able to reproduce. A sterile animal cannot produce off-spring. Sterile plants do not produce seeds.


Biology; Genetics

American scientist who proved that the sex of a living thing is determined by the sex chromosomes.


Biology; Genetics

The sex chromosome that is combined with another X-chromosome in the sex cells of females is called X-chromosome.

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