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Biology; Genome

All the genes that are contained in the chromosomes of a living thing, collectively named as genome.

genetic code

Biology; Genome

The arrangement of the smaller molecules that make up the large molecules of DNA and RNA.

genetic engineering

Biology; Genome

The science of changing the genes in the cells of a living thing. Scientist use genetic engineering to control the traits.


Biology; Genome

A three dimensional spiral curve. A helix can be imagined as winding around a cylinder or cone.


Biology; Genome

The joining together of genes or pieces of genes that are then placed inside a cell or virus.


Biology; Genome

A change in the genes of an organism. Mutations that are passed through the genes from one generation to the next can be harmful or can improve the ability of a living thing.


Biology; Genome

The presence of different alleles at one or more loci on homologous chromosomes..

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