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Geometry is the branch of mathmatics concerned with the shape, size, angles and properties of space.

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Pythagoras' theorem

Mathematics; Geometry

A theory related to the three sides of a triangle, stating that the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the square of the other two sides added together.

right angle

Mathematics; Geometry

It is an angle of 90 degrees that is formed when two lines are perpendicular to each other and is termed as right angle.

adjacent angle

Mathematics; Geometry

Either of two angles that share a side and a common point of origin.


Mathematics; Geometry

Greek mathematician who was an early leader in the study of geometry, physics, and mechanics.


Mathematics; Geometry

The highest point of a figure or object. The vertex of a triangle is an apex.

alternate angle

Mathematics; Geometry

Two angles that are formed at opposite sides of a line that crosses two other lines.Alternate angles are either both on the inside of the two other lines, or both on the outside of the two other ...


Mathematics; Geometry

A line or surface that bends in a smooth way and has no angles is called a curve.

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